Visiting of Mr. Charles Allen Jackson, former captain US pilot in Viet Nam war and his wife to Hoa Lo Prison

February 14, 2017
On 11th November, Mr. Charles Allen Jackson, former captain US pilot in Viet Nam war had a visiting to Hoa Lo Prison by Viet - US association.
Recording to the Agency Search missing American Soldiers in Vietnam War (MIA): the aircraft flied by Charles Allen Jackson was shot at Son La, Viet Nam in 6/1972. And then, he was arrested in Hoa Lo Prison, Ha Noi. At there, he had a big-hearted treatment from Vietnamese guards. Specially, Pham Tien Dong, a soldier directly supervised him left impression. After being released, he wants to come back Viet Nam to find the man who helped him.  
Viet – US association have arranged to have some appointments, talking at Ha Noi and Son La during period time he and Mrs Marty Jackson his wife were staying in Viet Nam from 15/12/2016 to 17/01/2017                         
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen Jackson had gone to the south of Viet Nam first and then to Ha Noi, Quang Ninh, Hoa Binh, Son La from the 7th to 17th of January, 2017. Viet Nam Embassy in US issued passport for this visiting.
Mr. Charles Chuck A. Jackson said that: His aircraft was shot on 24th, June 1972 at Muong Do village (Mường Gió commune), Phu Yen District, Son La Province (code name 1882) and he was arrested there. After he parachuted, he was broken left hand blooding, the local people used a kind of leaf to his wounden, after 3 days, it’s skin over (Charles was very supprised about it). And then, he was taken to Hoa Lo Prison, Ha Noi and released to the US in Paris Agreement about ended Viet Nam war, restore the peace in Viet Nam, 27/01/1973.
Mr Allen Jackson visit the US pilot’s exhibition 
During being arrested, he received a good behavior from Muong Gio people, good treatment from the guards in Hoa Lo Prison. After that, he wants to come back Viet Nam to find and see them again, say thanks for thee agency, the cadre, the guard solider and Vietnamese, who saved his life.
Coming back Viet Nam this time, he want to visit Hoa Lo prison, have a meeting with the cadre, the guards who worked there from 1972 to 1973, among of them is Comrade Dang Tien Dong and he hope to see some of people who hold him and treat well:
Mr. Ha Van Man - Former leader small squad of Muong Gio commune, the man kept him and called him with English name “JACKSON”
Mr. Ha Van Lay, former militiaman of Muong Gio commune, with Mr. Ha Van Man
Mr. Ha Van Yet, former second-in-command leader of Muong Gio commune militia with Ha Van Man
Mr. Ha Van Yet, former Muong Gio commune Head of Police 
Mr. Ha Van Chien, former secretary doubles as Chairman Muong Gio commune Committee 
At the talking with Administration Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relic, former Captain US pilot Charles Allen Jackson was pleased to know that many former US pilot imprisoned and their relatives had visited Historical Hoa Lo Prison Relic, specially after went to hometown US, they came back and collected many related - objects, or items and gave Administration Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relic for searching and displaying at the relic. He promised that he gave some photos of him in period time he was kept in Hoa Lo prison to Administration Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relic.
Mr Allen Jackson tell about the bombarding the North of Viet Nam campaign  
After the meeting finished, Administration Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relic gave a special unique souvenir to Mr and Mrs: the poem, written by the president Ho Chi Minh to wish all a Happy New Year 1969 (it’s translated into Vietnamese by US pilots) carved on leaf of the tropical almond tree that is a tonic saved many Viet Nam revolutionary fighters imprisoned in Hoa Lo Prison. They were moved by receiving this present from Administration Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relic. 
Nguyen Thi Khanh Hong, Propaganda and Display Department
Photo: Nguyen Anh Tuan
Translated by Vu Thuy Ha 

Notification welcome visitors at Hoa Lo Prison Relic

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