The visiting “Hilton - Hanoi” of the US Air Force General’s wives

August 19, 2019
This afternoon August 19th, two wives of the US Air Force General visited Hoa Lo Prison. This is the first time they are in Hanoi and Hoa Lo Prison is the area they wish to come.
Going inside the cells, seeing the artifacts and listening the stories of the Vietnamese revolutionary and patriotic soldiers, help they understand why Vietnamese people so brave and love peace.
The visiting left the heart of the guests with a feeling of warmth, hospitality as saying: “War does not determine who is right, only who is left”.
And we are staying together for the future without war.
Some pictures of the visiting:
Panorama of Hoa Lo prison
Guiding about the ways to escape from “the hell on earth”
Exhibition room displaying documents and objects on American POWs
Hoang Thuy Hanh
Education and Communication department 
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